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White Rose Environmental - operates the UK's largest clinical waste management company offering customers a fully integrated collection and disposal service to meet all current and proposed legislative needs.


the brief - White Rose were required to collect clinical waste from some 6,500 originating points for disposal in their 13 Processing Stations. The objective of the study was to calculate the cost optimal number of consolidation centres and identify suitable locations.


the approach - Supply Chain Planning Limited commenced the project by collecting data on the locations of incinerators and originating points (which could be anything from a major hospital to a doctor's surgery) as well as frequencies and volumes. Using Dips and our other simulation software, we modelled the projected operations taking in to consideration factors such as the capacity and operation timings of the incinerator sites, collection timing and weight restrictions at the originating points and vehicle specifications. In addition to identifying optimum locations, we produced detailed designs for the facilities and operations at the consolidation centres based on two types of bulk container. We validated our designs by simulating cost and resource details from one of the existing incinerators and it's catchment area. We subsequently provided capital costs projections for vehicles, containers and handling equipment as well as indicative operating cost for staffing, vehicles and consolidation site operations.


the result - White Rose were able to plan the setting up of the consolidation centres to gradually implement a much more cost effective network which provided a higher service level.


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