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Warehouse Design


Develop a strategy now to stay ahead of competition


Warehouses should be designed from the inside out!


Moving to a new facility is a long term commitment and you have just one chance to get it right!


Planning a warehouse expansion or a new facility takes time. Our experienced consultants will work with you to help you develop a new warehouse to meet your requirements.


Have you out-grown your existing warehouse?


Are you losing customers due to late deliveries and damaged stock?


Are your labour costs soaring?


Have you planned for future growth to stay ahead of your competition?


Is your warehouse in the wrong location?


Are you struggling to meet your customers needs?


If you answered "YES"to any of those questions you need our help!


Planning a new warehouse takes time and should not be rushed. A warehouse is more than a large shed; it is a key facility in a companies supply chain and distribution strategy. Corporate growth, changes in manufacturing and distribution patterns can impact your warehouse needs. As well as a strategic review of your future warehousing needs, looking two, three or even five years ahead should be part of your corporate strategy. SCP-UK can assist in strategy development.


As well as your day job all these need to be considered when designing a new warehouse do you have the time for this?


Racking/Equipment e.g. Forklifts


Size of the Warehouse


Number of Loading Bays


Receipts & Despatch areas


Automated or Conventional




Warehouse Layout




Stock Location


Warehouse Management Systems


Building and Fire Regulations


What is the Alternative?


Moving to a larger warehouse is a major financial commitment. A new facility may not be the answer; it is common for businesses to make the same mistakes again by just repeating the same problems in a larger building. We can help you re-plan your present facility to improve operations procedures, customer service, increase stock holding capacity and reduce labour costs immediately.


Warehouse Design Case Studies


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