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Reckitt Benckiser - now known as Reckitt & Benckiser are a global FMCG company with an impressive portfolio of top-branded household, toiletry and pharmaceutical products including Lemsip, Disprin, Dettol, Mr Sheen, Harpic and Haze.


the brief - as the demand for these well known products has increased, methods of storing and handling raw materials and finished goods have to be continually evolved. The project was to consider alternative methods and technologies which would increase storage capacity whilst at the same time improving accessibility.


the approach - this is a complex manufacturing operation with many varied processes, fed with a variety of raw materials and components. Because production throughput long ago out stripped the on-site warehouse capacity, finished goods are taken off-site to be handled by a distribution contractor. The current phase of evolution involved just-in-time supply of components and packaging to feed production. This meant that the on-site storage resources had to be rationalised in order to continue to store certain vital commodities whilst creating space for continuous in-feed and finished product output.


Discussions were held with the product managers and teams in the production areas as well as the receipts and despatch supervisors to identify requirements and constraints. A new despatch bay complex was designed which allowed the existing facilities to be dedicated to inbound materials. The two warehouse areas were completely re-designed and furnished with new equipment where required which included on line labelling and stretch wrapping for despatch.


the result - the problems of congestion and materials shortages which had been worsening were eliminated with a smooth reliable flow of materials in and finished product out of the plant.


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