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Case Study - Energizer Eveready


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Energizer Eveready - is the world's number one manufacturer of dry cell batteries and torches.  Each year Energizer produce and sell six billion batteries.


the brief - the Energizer UK facility in Dunstable, Bedfordshire handles the storage and distribution of all the batteries supplied from the UK. Supply Chain Planning Limited were asked to review their logistics strategy which required an in-depth examination of the potential for outsourcing their warehousing and distribution service to a third party contractor.  The warehouse was operated by Energizer themselves, but deliveries were carried out by a combination of Eveready vehicles contractors and parcel carriers. In addition, sales vans were re-stocked using a complex network of "deep drop" points.


the approach - we visited site to obtain a thorough understanding of the facilities and resources as well as the operations involved. Data was collected and analysed and from this we developed a specification for the resources and services to be provided.  We approached third party logistics contractors who had a track record which covered the areas of expertise required for this rather unusual situation. Various options were investigated ranging from retaining all warehouse and distribution operations in-house, to the extreme of finding a contractor prepared to acquire the entire resources and facilities involved in providing the distribution service.  We prepared the necessary documentation and issued Invitations to Tender (ITT) which resulted in a short list of contractors. Subsequently, Energizer negotiated with one of the short listed organisations who became their preferred distribution partner.


the results - Energizer were able to enter into an agreement for the contractor to acquire their Dunstable site, facilities and staff.  Cert Group now provide all Energizer's distribution services and have assimilated the Dunstable depot into their group operations.

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