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BBC Worldwide - is responsible for non-broadcasting commercial activities which include distribution of publications in three formats, video, book and audio.


the brief - products had been distributed by three different contractors, and the client was consolidating the distribution with the single preferred supplier (Technicolor). The BBC had already been through a tender process and were developing a contract document. Because of our particular experience and expertise in 3rd party fulfilment negotiations we were asked to advise on the structure and content of the contractual documents.


the approach - we reviewed the draft contract which had been prepared by the BBC and suggested various modifications. During the negotiations we supported the BBC with benchmark statistics and information on work rates and fulfilment operational costs. We suggested that the partnership would be more effective if a service level agreement formed part of the contract and we subsequently compiled the SLA. Having attained a thorough understanding of the services, facilities and operations required, we advised on modifications and developments to improve efficiency. We also assisted with the arrangements for re-location of stock from the original contractors premises to the new site. Staffing, equipment and layout for the new operations were calculated and this information was incorporated into the performance monitoring arrangements.


the result - a fulfilment partnership was established whereby Technicolor provide a complete distribution service for BBC Worldwide. 

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